“Lauren has an amazing gift and spirit. I’ve watched her growth and it has been such a beautiful calling she has entered in to. I have visited for massage, reiki, intuitive bodywork, and empowerment coaching. The respect she holds for her work is astounding and her services set the bar high. I drive 2 hours to see her if that says anything. She is also a nutrition guru and shares wonderful nuggets of nourishing your body. I have also attended Reiki Level 1 Journey to the Self which could not have been a better experience. The healing was so strong I felt so called to share the work and recently finished Reiki Level 2 which was MAGICAL... If you haven’t experienced a Reiki session or if you are thinking about going a little deeper and doing Reiki Level 1. Doooooo it. The world needs it” - Sierra

“She was so incredibly intuitive, and I was a believer in the first few minutes of my time with her. It was such an eye opening & heart opening experience. Sometimes my thoughts are so chaotic that I have a hard time pinpointing exactly how I’m feeling and why I’m feeling that way and Reiki was a way to show me the things that I need to do to feel more balanced and actually be a better version of myself. It was truly a life changing experience.” - Julie

"Lauren is highly compassionate and intuitive. Her practice is guided to the needs of her client. I left feeling healed and felt so much care from Lauren. I also left with plenty of empowerment and information on what to do next to continue my own healing at home. I will be back" - Rosemary

"Lauren has a natural talent for energy work. She helped me release some very deeply rooted emotions and I have not felt this light in years. After the treatment, she explained her findings and what Chakras needed to be balanced. I left feeling weightless and empowered with knowledge of how to further heal myself. I highly recommend her Reiki and massage treatments." -Garnet

"Absolutely blown away by how amazing Lauren is. I had a 30 min distance Reiki sesh with her yesterday, and all I had to do was relax for 30 mins. [I live 3 hours away] I definitely feel more grounded and just overall more at peace, today. Lauren gave me a list of recommendations to start incorporating into my daily routine. I'm so excited to see how incredible I feel after a few more sessions." -Heidi