Elements Studio Photography

Elements Studio Photography


My mission: I am here to guide, teach, and empower.

I help mystical babes rediscover their power, align with joy, and connect to soul purpose, so that they can consciously create their most empowered life.

What led me to this work? I once read that, “Your ideal client is a former version of you.” Let me tell you about the former version of me: Extreme anxiety. Diagnosed PTSD. Addictions. Co-dependent. Insomnia. Insecure. No real sense of purpose. People-pleaser. Painfully shy.

A near-death experience led me on a quest for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. I started receiving Reiki healing. I began the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach training. I added in yoga. I cleaned up my thoughts. (to name a few)

Me, today: No longer giving anxiety, PTSD, or addictions power over me. Confident. Independent. Powerful. Joyful. Purposeful. Reiki is just one piece of the pie, but it started there and it’s a huge part of my everyday practice to this day. And all of this is not to say that “I’m done” with challenges. I have moments of suffering. But I no longer give the suffering my power. I live my life awakened.

I use my power, to empower.

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